mashup or shut up

Ok, so Big Blue has Think!Fridays, where Friday afternoons are supposed to be dedicated to thinking innovative thoughts and doing innovative things, but Yahoo! has a company-wide Hack Day. How cool is that?

The idea is to take something from idea to prototype in 24 hours, pull a team together to build it, and then demo it in 2 minutes or less.

Yahoo has held regional hack-days before, in Santa Clara and Bangalore, and the CEO and founder of Yahoo! even presented the Hack Day awards in Bangalore. (That’s what I call commitment to innovation!)

From noon on Thursday to noon today, the folks at Yahoo! have been hacking away, some even pulling an all-nighter. They’ll demo the results this afternoon.

There’s nothing software engineers like to do more than hack. Giving them a semi-organized, fun day to do just that is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and who knows what wonderful ideas will come out of it?

I smell a ThinkPlace idea!

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