de colores

Colors everywhere.

Went to the Benjamin Moore paint store today, because I hadn’t felt quite confused enough this week.

I have enough painting projects to keep me busy for a lifetime in this house, and I went in to stare at the paint chips for a while. Benjamin Moore also has paint samples, little 2 oz. jars you can bring home to test drive.

I took home 6 shades of green, 2 of yellow, and 3 of red. Didn’t pick up any periwinkle, which in retrospect was probably a mistake.

I now have paint splashed up on the walls in Em’s room, my room, and the front stairs. No decisions made yet but the Raisin Torte just about matcbes the deep red we found underneath layers of paint on the front stairs, I’m leaning toward Yellow Lotus in my bedroom and Em likes either Palisades Park green or Pale Sea Mist in her room.

And my latest fancy is to paint the closets and inner cabinets some bright shocking colors as contrast. Pear Green, or a bright coral or fuschia.

Recommendations always welcome.

4 thoughts on “de colores

  1. I’ll bet that Himself thinks more in terms of “red”, “yellow”, or “brown”, rather than “periwinkle” or “raisin torte”. Myself, I’d vote for “off-white”.

  2. Don’t sell yourself short. I bet you think of “bright red” or “pale green” if you really push yourself.

    And I had 20 years of off-white. The color demon within me has been unleashed. 🙂

  3. Mmmmm Raisin torte containing a centre of green pear sounds good to me. Or maybe Mocha with an inner cupboard door of raspberry.
    I’m lovin’ the new photo’s of you. There aren’t enough. We need more.

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