IBM Hack Day – and the winners are ….

So the polls are closed, and the votes have been tallied. The envelope, please….

Best Hack Edward “Core Dump” Doan
Best New Application The SL Hacksaws (Roo Reynolds and Rob Smart)
Best Mashup Sacha “Discovery” Chua
Best Improvement Ram “Just Me” Gole
Best Design The SBE Rebels (Nikhil Parekh and Joo Lee)
Best Idea – Technical Merit Vinay “OxDEADBEEF” Thykkuttathil
Best Idea – Business Value Werner “Love DB2” Schuetz
Best Idea – Cultural Benefit Suzanne “SOM” Minassian

Sorry, no details about the hacks will be provided here. I don’t want to run afoul of IBM’s IP gods.

But to use a tired old cliche, it’s less about winning than playing (so says the girl who didn’t win -)). Nobody did Hack Day for the prizes and/or the glory, although I’m sure Rooney’s coming up with something wonderful. People hacked because they love to hack and they want to innovate. They found an area they felt passionate about, and made magic.

IBM’s first unofficial Hack Day was an incredible success, due to the enthusiasm and efforts of everyone who participated. Some hacked, some organized, some publicized, some evangelized. Thanks to everyone who jumped on this idea and ran with it. This first, fledgling effort succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

So, to use yet another tired cliche … we’re ALL weiners … er, I mean, winners! -)

Now. When’s our NEXT Hack Day?!?!?!

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