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  1. These Apple commercials are spot on target. I am a switcher, and I hate the thought of the days when I had to use a PC. The world doesn’t know.

  2. Apple does advertising right, just like they do everything else right. I still have a foot in both camps, having to use a PC at work, but would switch to exclusively mac in a NY minute, given the choice. IBM, are you listening?!?

    And when you think about it, the ad which has PC holding signs and saying “Buy a PC” is marketing genius. 🙂

  3. I have never had a mac. However, i have watched the ad’s and feeling persuaded to buy One. aRE THE BETTER THAN A PC IN EVERY WAY?

  4. That’s a religious question, I’m afraid, as people usually have very strong preferences one way or the other.

    I use a PC at work, but anyone who knows me know I use a mac by preference.

    The ads play on one of the major differences, which is that Mac is historically the preferred platform of those in art or design, while being scorned by those of a more scientific bent.

    Which is probably as good a way as any to decide which camp to fall into.

    Or see if you can borrow someone’s old G3 to play with and see if you are a good match.

  5. the mac vs PC adds beg the question has Macintosh ever heard of a logical fallacy? why yes they have and they use them brilliantly. the saddest part is that the consumer listens to those logical fallacies with muffled, smiling ears.
    the thing is yes macs are easier to learn for the older generations. PCs provide ways to expand horizons such as c++ which is an object based programing language mostly used for game creation (which is one of the fastest growing industries). now macintosh computers come with mac os X now PCs if you build your own dont come with anything your choices are wide open. you can put linux on a pc and you can put windows on a pc. now if you wanted a mac server its easy you go to macintosh.com and buy one there only 3,000 dollars. now the specks on these servers are amazing let me tell you 2 dual core processors oh and 1 gig ram……now im going to say something that wont change one persons life because no one will care BUT i will say it anyway your computer is only as good as its weakest link and sadly that would be the ram. my pc has that much ram and its not a server. 2 dual core processors are not going to do you any good if you dont have ram to suport it. oh and btw my comp has a gig of ram and a single core 2.2 GHz processor on it and a 256 graphics card and it only cost me 760$ all custom made ive got a cool light set up surround sound headphones and MUCH MUCH more. if the two computers were to have a crash off (both computers running an exponential processing program till one crashes) i assure you mine would win. now this is not because of the hardware in my comp rather the software. mac os x is a resorce hog most of its processing power is used up on its idle process. windows computers however are also resorce hogs UNTIL you put linux on them. then you have no problems.
    another reason macs are horible is because they dont work with any of the normal software. do you know why macs dont get viruses? its because they dont use .exe’s and yes that is a bad thing. this means that no windows software will run on it. no games no winamp no photoshop no acid express no adobe premier no nothing. of course you could always buy the mac spoofs of all of these softwares but then youd be forgeting all the other software that pcs can use.


    a question i have is how many people have become rich of of macs? one the owner of macintosh and no one else no man has made his living creating videogames on a mac no man has made it big working for holywood on a mac no one has become a famous artist because of iPhoto.

    every company that makes video games uses pcs. the great tetris battle during the iron curtain was built from pcs.
    george lucas invented pixar the most well known cgi company in the world he invented the first video editing software. and he made skywalker sound and lucas arts and much more. ON PCS
    for artists well just to name one my friend is makin doe off of his photos guess what he doesnt blog them with iPhoto

    macs are a marketing scam and that is all yes they are very shiny when you get them out of the box but my computer is moded out the way i like it not the way everyone else does

    GREAT commercials by the way they work better than anything ive ever seen. i mean look at you guys theyve got you all brainwashed

    oh and by the way you can go ahead and get me a c++ gui programing guide for xmas ill be needing it for my future in robotics engineering to build robotic soldiers to get your kids out of the war while your making premade photo albums on iPhoto just so you know remember who to thank when your kid has to get a bionic arm cause it got shot off


  6. The simple elegance of a Mac is akin to the succinctness of this matter of fact comment vs. the horror of the above. Sorry to threaten you. Maybe you can get surgery for that?

  7. sorry but i fail to see any fact present on this whole page my post exempt, i also fail to see what your miraculous discovery of the thesaurus has anything to do with macs vs pcs. further more if you like simple elegance sure go with macs you dont have to understand the error mesages for the computer to shut down it does it on its own.
    but i will give macs this they are the easiest computers to shut down all you have to do is open a program and poof theyre off

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