Rational Software Delivery Platform v7.0 released

Once again, Per beats me to the punch with this announcement:

IBM has today released the Rational Software Delivery Platform V7.0 – a comprehensive set of products that include the long awaited Rational Software Architect V7.0 (RSA) and Rational Application Developer V7.0 (RAD) and also products such as Rational Functional Tester V7.0 and Rational Performance Tester V7.0.

The IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform 7.0 desktop products is a comprehensive set of Eclipse-based offerings and best-practices processes that help customers govern the process of software and systems delivery and tighten the relationship between IT and line of business. The offerings:

  • Accelerate SOA results with sound architectural design and automated service delivery
  • Ensure global architectural integrity including support for packaged applications
  • Simplify modular systems development with improved hardware and software modeling and standards support
  • Improve the adoption of IBM Rational products based on the latest Eclipse community standards with improved modularity and openness

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