plazes – I don’t grok it


So, at Andy‘s goading prompting, I installed and am using plazes so I could be just like him and Ed Brill.

However – and if I had thought this through, I would have thought of this – it is less than useful for me because I am always only in one of two places: home or work. Littleton or Lexington. Frick or Frack. Even without Plazes, you have a 50% chance of guessing my location correctly. Your chances grow even better armed with the knowledge that my boss is not a big work-at-home fan.

If I were a jet-setter like Ed, it would be great to show people that today I’m in Amsterdam at a conference, and last week I was in Albuquerque at a customer site. Alas, I’m not a jet-setter. Oh, but next week I will be … I’ll be travelling on business for the first time since the Pleistocene era, so it’ll be useful then.

So, am I missing something? Some critical piece of web 2.0 goodness that only Plazes can give me? Do tell.

Inquiring minds and web 2.0 addicts want to know.

4 thoughts on “plazes – I don’t grok it

  1. Nice festive header.

    Well, Plazes now has an SMS service for letting them know where you be. I have to be honest and say that I’m nowhere near the jetsetter that Ed is… however, being in and out of London, it’s pretty neat to see local hotspots and places of interest. Personally I want Plazes on some wireless PDA or smartphone, that would be very useful.

    OK, OK, so this is technology on the cusp, and I think you’re right to point out that sometimes it can be less than useful… but I personally think that location-awareness has a significant future.

  2. I think eventually, one useful thing will be to know who else is in the same “plazes” or nearby… there’s still not enough critical mass for this state-side, but there is in parts of Europe. When I was in Cologne, Germany last week, I saw tons of hotspots and people online nearby. I could have then asked some via IM for some restaurant recommendations etc.

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