we put the “A” in SOA

Ferdy alerted me to the fact that there’s another dW chat coming up tomorrow, December 7 – one where Grady Booch, the last amigo*, talks about this week’s Rational releases.

Learn how IBM Rational software is empowering the “A” in SOA and more. Grady Booch will lead an online discussion and answer your questions about the new tools just released from IBM Rational, which will help you improve your software and systems architecture, quality, and overall design. You’ll hear about speeding SOA results, quality management, improved support for hardware/software modeling and standards, including the latest in support for the Eclipse community.


* Grady Booch, James Rumbaugh, and Ivar Jacobson, leaders of the method unification effort that led to the creation of UML, are commonly referred to as the Three Amigos.

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