in power point hell

I’ve been frantically working on my slide deck for my big talk tomorrow at Bentley College on “Dark Blogs” (internal blogs).

Chris Barger, IBM’s “Blogger-in-Chief” (a title I aspire to, btw), was kind enough to get me started with his slide deck that he uses for these sorts of talks, but, with all due respect, it was a very corporate slide deck. I’ve already made clear to everyone that I’m just someone who’s benefited from internal blogging, so I’ve been busy tweaking it to have a more… personal perspective.

The content of my talk isn’t a problem. I’ve got more than enough stories and enthusiasm to share for my allotted 45 minutes. It’s providing the visual aids that’s got my panties in a twist.

I’m not a Power Point Ranger, but I play one on television. 🙂

4 thoughts on “in power point hell

  1. With the years, I’ve grown less fond of this style of presentation. The last couple I’ve done, I ended up talking and then going through the slides saying “yep, I’ve talked about that already”. You have to remember that the slides are only there to help the audience remember what you’ve said.
    I’m sure you’ll do fine and I wish I could see your presentation (and even the slides)!

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