i have spoken

I’m back from an allegedly successful outing to the Boston KM Forum symposium on “Dark Blogs”.

I was soooooo freakin’ nervous this morning that I almost worked myself into a migraine. But once I got there, the butterflies settled, and I realized that it wasn’t such a scary thing after all to speak to this very interesting group of people on a topic near and dear to my heart – blogging.

I will admit to tweaking my slides right up to presentation time. My defense is that I was adjusting them for the audience and to address questions that came up during previous speakers’ presentations.

If anyone who was at the symposium would care to chime in with feedback, it would be gratefully accepted.

Bottom line – I loved it; hopefully my audience loved it; and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

You know how to find me.

11 thoughts on “i have spoken

  1. Hi Kelly ! Well done ! This is just terrific stuff ! I am wondering if we could also talk to those pictures that you mentioned about your presentation. Have you thought about perhaps placing those slides over at Slideshare.net so that we could have a look and help you expand further on those conversations. I love chatting to charts, heh … Would you have some time during the holidays? 😉

  2. absolutely! I’ve used up all but 2 of my remaining vacation days *pout*, so I’ll be around. Once I get the slides up there, I’ll let you know.

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