the 2007 world tour begins!

Ok, so it begins in Lexington, MA, where I am anyway.

No matter.

Fact remains, I will be presenting my talk on “Blogging Internally @ IBM” at this week’s engineering bootcamp at IBM Rational in Lexington.

In case you’ve forgotten, this is an abstract of the talk, originally given Dec 18 for the Boston Knowledge Management Forum:

Blogging Internally @ IBM – Blogs are a fact of life today and a leading source of information and entertainment for an increasing number of people — as well as an opportunity to collaborate and share ideas. But blogs’ popularity and usefulness are, in large part, due to their authentic, personal nature. That’s why — contrary to what some headlines have said — IBM hasn’t so much “embraced blogs” as it is celebrating those IBMers who have. Because when they’re successful, IBM can be successful. IBM launched their internal blog engine, Blog Central, in December 2003. Internally, thousands of IBMers use an intranet-based blog tool to collaborate with colleagues in ways that were once locked inside e-mail inboxes and mailing lists. This talk will give you the perspective of an individual IBM blogger on the value and experience of blogging internally.

And so it begins ….

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