wherefore art thou kellypuffs?

a history lesson for those of you interested in the “kellypuffs” etymology.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, there was a close-knit group of software engineer/geeks. One of these geeks was Fat Dan.

Well, he’s still Fat Dan.

He’s still not fat.

He’s just in Oregon now.

Anyway, Fat Dan became Fat Dan because of an ongoing concern about his dietary habits, which were, by any measure, alarming, yet so encouraging, consisting of cheeseburgers, beer and snack cakes.

In the year leading up to his 30th birthday, we, his loyal and slightly older co-workers, sent dire warnings his way: if he continued his evil diet ways, he would instantly, upon turning 30, balloon up into a comical figure that could only be called: “Fat Dan“. A name that instantly took on iconic status, regardless of its failure to come true. Much to our chagrin. Fat Dan maintained his boyish figure, and the Fat Dan legend was born.

Fat Dan has t-shirts to sell… bearing the Fat Dan legend.

I admit it. I was jealous. I wanted a brand. I wanted an identity. Let’s face it…. I needed an identity.

Fat Dan saw my need. Maybe it was when I fell to my knees, weeping, begging for some of that Fat Dan wisdom. But he saw my need, and he met it. In that moment, Kellypuffs – Not Just For Breakfast Anymore was born.

Nonsensical, yes. Random, yes. Quirky, God I hope so.

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