kellypuffs world tour update

So, the Quality Software Engineering brown bag session on blogging, scheduled for today with the ever-popular and scintillating Luis Suarez had to be postponed, when he came down with a virulent stomach bug. Get better soon, Luis!

It turned out to be fortuitous, because I was going to have to run out of a 4-hour management off-site to present, and this allowed me to stay for the whole thing, a mixed blessing to be sure, but my boss was grateful that I was able to spend the time on my “day job”. πŸ™‚

Another invite showed up today – a talk to the greaterIBM organization on February 14 on a more general subject “Intro to Web 2.0”, a class I am planning on giving to the local community education group here in town as well.

I told Kevin that being on Valentine’s Day, I hoped that a bouquet of flowers would be headed my way, but I think the most I can hope for is a virtual bunch in Second Life.

Fair enough. πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “kellypuffs world tour update

  1. Hi Kelly ! Thanks ever so much for the comments! Yes, indeed, that nasty bug seems like it is withdrawing slowly but steadily. I am feeling much better today, although I still have got the odd feeling here and there. So hopefully, it will be completely over pretty soon!

    I look forward for the time when we would present again for the QSE group on blogging. I was really excited about it all before the bug hit me so I am hoping we would be able to do it pretty soon. Look forward to it!

    Good luck with the one on web 2.0 for the GreaterIBM group! I may be able to join it if time permits, although right now things are a bit tight, but we shall see. I am sure you would be doing fine in your world tour update! Cheers!

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