from analyst to evangelist

I learn on Hugh MacLeod’s blog (which is a great read, btw … add it to your feedreader NOW) that Michael Gartenberg is leaving his industry analyst job to be an “enthusiast evangelist” at Microsoft.

Michael writes:

After working as an industry analyst for more than decade, I’m leaving JupiterResearch to join Microsoft as an enthusiast evangelist. What is an enthusiast evangelist? Our job is to find, engage and work with enthusiasts and other influencers and show them all the cool stuff that Microsoft is doing. In short, it’s our job to act as the bridge between Microsoft and end users.


Update: I learned about Hugh’s blog, like I learn about most good web 2.0 stuff, from the blessed utterances of one Andy Piper, Esq.

2 thoughts on “from analyst to evangelist

  1. Yeah? You just happened across Hugh’s blog, I expect… as you casually wandered the blogosphere, intuitively knowing all the best blogs to investigate in your kellyness?

    Pah! and double PAH!

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