desperate thoughts


We are awash in dog hair.

It’s everywhere.

It’s on the rugs, it’s on the sofa, it’s on the quilts.

It’s in the air.

The vacuum sits in the living room at the ready. We don’t even bother putting it away anymore. It clashes with the decor, but what can you do?

So I’m thinking about cashing in.

I’m going to start knitting Bodie sweaters. They’ll be warm, and soft, and made with love. They’ll be all the rage. I won’t be able to keep up with demand. Celebrities will be vying to place custom orders with me.

It could work….

3 thoughts on “desperate thoughts

  1. You need one hell of a lot of dog hair to make enough wool to do anything. We once met a wierd old duck down in Devon who was a knitted and spinner. She had a border collie (sheep dog type) and had been collecting hair from him for quite a while (maybe a year); she had managed to spin just one ball of wool — it was lovely and soft but also very fragile. Good luck!

  2. This is one topic where I can supply a serious answer. In 2002 I attended a sort of High School reunion back in the UK (we don’t do them as a rule). Anyway I got into conversation with an old lady who was once a beautiful young thing who used to make my pulse race and she told me that she made all sorts of yarns from wool and then wove them into cloth. I said I would gladly send her dog wool by the kilo and she said dog wool is no good. Her well reasoned technical explanation was that the fibers in sheeps’ wool, etc. have micro “hooks” on the fiber (fibre) surfaces and this makes it possible to spin yarn. Dog wool doesn’t have this feature and the yarn pulls apart very easily.
    My dog, S. Sgt. Frodo Roberts, Tail Gunner in the Subaru, sheds about half his body weight in fluff per day, so I understand your concern and search for a useful application. The only one I have found is to brush him daily and use the fluff to supplement fire starters. One might also offer it to birds to line nests.

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