So I want to tell you about my car door.

If I were any sort of responsible blogger, I would dutifully go back in my archives to find the original blog post about the car door inside door handle being broken.

But that way lies madness.

So I’ll just tell you that MONTHS ago, my inside car handle broke and I can’t get out of the driver’s side door. Unless I first roll down the window, and unlatch the door from the outside. And I’m here to proudly announce to one and all that NOT ONCE since that fateful day have I ever remembered that I need to roll down the window BEFORE I SHUT OFF THE CAR.

Not once.


But why the madness of the other path?

I could tell you that I’m just too lazy to do it, but the reality is that every stray click away from the chosen activity lures me off into the vast reaches of the internet. 4 hours later, I might remember what I was doing out there in the first place, but the damage is done. In the meantime, I’ve googled “llama underpants”, twittered, added some comments to my flickr photos, checked my blog stats, IM’d a couple of people, checked the BarCampBoston2 wiki, bookmarked a few interesting items in to read later, installed a couple of nifty OS X widgets and ordered the Shangra-la’s “Remember” from iTunes.


Oh, and by the way, it was January 18th. That the car broke.

Almost two months ago.


3 thoughts on “pathetic

  1. Thank God there’s someone else out there who understands…it’s only a matter of time before we need to find our nearest 12 step programme you realise.

  2. I can’t believe you haven’t got that fixed yet…although as I cast that first stone, I realised my passenger side window still doesn’t open….in fact it hasn’t for more than 2 years now. Hmmm

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