lazy summer evening thoughts

  • I’m hot.
  • I love fresh corn on the cob.
  • Wish I got weeks and weeks off in the summer, like they do in Europe… Ferdy.
  • Wish I lived closer to the beach.
  • Jealous that the Girl’s been on the beach in Florida watching sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico for the last week.
  • Wicked excited that she’s coming home tomorrow.
  • One more night I can sleep in her air conditioned room. Yes, for some obscure reason, there’s a wall-mounted a/c unit in her room and the dog’s room/sewing room downstairs. Nowhere else.
  • Gotta get those dodgeball pictures to Bill
  • I wonder if there’s any Americone Dream left in the house?
  • If there’s not, am I willing to settle for Dave Matthews Band?
  • Boy, mice are stupid. Or suicidal. Why would you go into a house in summer, never mind a house with three blood-thirsty cats and a blundering oaf of a dog? Talk about your proverbial death wish.
  • Glad we saved it. Even if it was suicidal.
  • Jeez, it’s hot.

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