where verbosity is a virtue

So the latest craze among my twitterbuds is tweet140.

Tweet140 is a little web app that tracks the LENGTH of your tweets, and rewards you for using as much of your 140 character limit as possible, with special bonus prizes thrown in each time you use all 140.

I signed up, because I’m as big a web 2.0 whore as the next girl, but I don’t get it.

After all, isn’t the beauty of twitter its micro-blogging format? Its forced brevity?

I consider my tweets to be things of concise, informative and succinct beauty, using just enough words to get my message across. To wit:

kellypuffs: The dog just farted. Ew.

See? Five words. Informative, yet with an editorial slant.

Apparently, I tweet like a penguin.


I guess I SHOULD have written this:

kellypuffs: ew ew EW! The dog just farted and OMG it’s grooosssssssss! I thought he pooped for a minute but no, it was just a fart LOL LOL I think i’ll


but you won’t know WHAT I’m going to do because I just ran out of characters. But I used them all, by golly.

I think I’ll probably always tweet like a penguin.

9 thoughts on “where verbosity is a virtue

  1. Someone strangle that MiGueL guy before I do.

    Apparently I’m a swan. OK playing over. I guess it will just sit there and watch me now, I’m switching that back off again.

  2. @MiGueL html is going away for BT2, you’ve been warned 😉 and the post length is going down as well.

    I think brevity rules! and the stats back me up.

  3. Silence is golden – but brevity is worth more than rubies. (that’s an original, but feel free to use it whenever appropriate). However, there was this girl in high school called Ruby and she was so beautiful that……………..

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