collaborative art

Guess what I just did …

*bounce* *bounce*

Thanks to @conniereece, who knows about EVERYTHING and does pink hair better than anyone I know, I just joined the Collaborative Painting Network!

What is “collaborative painting”? This description of the first project will give you an idea:

I propose that the first project on this organizing forum be a collaborative painting based on my photo-pano-collage, “Living by the East River”. Because I expect to enlist painters who may live by rivers other than the East, I propose that this project be titled “Living by the River”

Each of the 100 grid sections in my collage image, will be painted on separate canvasses. Ideally, each of the 100 canvas painted by a different collaborating painter.

When complete, all painters would ship their finished canvas to the exhibition space where they would be hung together make one painting.

All painters would be credited and would share proportionally in any benefit coming from being one of the collaborators of “Living by the River”.

How cool is that?

The ultra-talented artist Ray Reynolds has proposed a second project on the network already:

To have a collaborative painting (in a medium of your choice…in either paint, textiles, mixed media collage, etc) of cities, town and villages from where you live.

More coolness.

These do not represent my first collaborative art project… I participated last year in the MailMeArt project.

A merging of my two favorite things: social networks and art.

It’s a dessert topping AND a floor wax. 🙂

One thought on “collaborative art

  1. How cool! I retweeted the message from @p0ps in the hopes that someone might find it of interest; nice to know that I was able to connect you with the collaborate painting group. I look forward to hearing more about the project.

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