twitter pet peeves

Yes, I have a few:

10. Twimping. People using twitter as a marketing tool. Yeah, I know, everyone‘s doing it, but still … I value the genuine interactions over self-promotion.
9. Link posting. I should say, only when it’s the predominant feature of your tweets. Talk to me!!!!
8. Auto-posting of links. Even worse. It says you can’t be bothered to tweet, but need to have a script do it for you.
7. People who claim to be social media consultants who just joined twitter last month. ’nuff said.
6. New twitterers following over 1000 people. Again, seems to me that you aren’t twittering to engage in meaningful conversation with interesting people, but rather are looking to a) sell something b) sell yourself or c) looking for the EASY button.
5. Guys following only girls with cute avatars
4. Fake twitterers. Yes, I think I might still be following Buffy Summers, but she doesn’t tweet much anymore.
3. Ghost twitterers. Is Barack really twittering? Or is it his campaign staff?
2. Bots

and my number #1 all-time pet peeve, which probably manages to fit in several of the categories above:

1. “I’m streaming live right now. Come chat!”

11 thoughts on “twitter pet peeves

  1. uh-huh
    I have been getting so many of #6 lately that it is putting me off Twitter.
    They really need to manage those scenarios. I pretty much ignore anybody with a number in their Twitter handle these days.

  2. SLorpedo is a bit upset about your number 2 twitter pet peeve! What is it about bots you don’t like? Just interested as we’re having a meetup about twitterjects in Hursley tomorrow.

  3. Hey, heard about you from @mousewords! I work for IBM too, in Atlanta!

    I’m right there with all of these. I’m thinking about unfollowing the ones that do #1.

  4. #1 is truly the most egregious form of #8 — I hate auto-posting. Even unfollowed some people on Twitter who have been over the top with their seesmic or flickr auto-feeds. I’ve gotten to where I look for that in a person’s profile when I’m deciding whether to add them back. Excellent list!

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