web 2.0 in action

the cool kids 🙂, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Ok, I know the term web 2.0 is SO last Wednesday, but I can’t think of a better word, so you’re stuck with it here for the duration.

Monday afternoon, I drove down to the IBM Watson Research Lab in Yorktown NY for the IBM Web 2.0 Summit. I missed it last year, and swore back then that I would get here this year, come hell or high water.

And boy, am I glad I did.

There is nothing like finally being able to meet in person colleagues that you have collaborated with and shared with only virtually up til now. You’ve talked with them on the phone, worked on projects with them, blogged, twittered, sametimed, shared documents. But there is nothing like sitting down over pizza with them.

There’s no awkward small talk or “getting to know” each other. We already do. And the neat thing is, as Sacha pointed out, you meet them in person and they talk just like they write 🙂

It’s fun to watch everyone gravitate to Luis. EVERYONE knows him, through his work in social software.

And the conversations! A chance to talk about social software, web 2.0 and innovation with its leading proponents, the best and the brightest. What’s happening, where are we going, where SHOULD we be going, what’s new, challenges and opportunities.

The sessions are awesome, with too many good offerings to choose from … should I attend the session on social search or the one on human memory? Lotus Connections or virtual communities?

Good thing we have Twitter… the backchannel keeps you informed of the stuff you’re missing in the other sessions.

The buzz is palpable.

Now I have to pack up … we’re all meeting in the lobby at 7:30 to work out car-pooling.

There are more pictures on flickr