blog posts I’ll get around to writing … someday.

– an in-depth, detailed, insightful analysis and trip report from the recent IBM Web 2.0 Summit. I did my expense report. Does that count?

– some of the nifty things planned for RSDC08, including the super whammy Rational Client Support Moo cards which I am impatiently awaiting at. this. very. moment. *tap* *tap*

– a blog post LONGER than six sentences.

– my new 500 Stamps project.

– a mash note to Theo Epstein.

– my poor front stairs, who have been suffering from my very occasional, highly energetic and tragically short-lived assaults for as long as I’ve lived here. You’ll notice there are no pictures of THEM up on flickr. I am ashamed.

– the joy of 30,000 fonts.

– our nightmarish 3 days with the Apple Time Capsule.

– the dozen morning glory seedlings that bravely defied convention by surviving under my tender loving care long enough to be transplanted. Outside by the porch trellis. I have a thriving rosemary topiary in the kitchen too. Maybe I no longer have a black thumb?

– a super-secret project that the Boy and I have cooked up between us. Be VERY afraid.

Someday, all this will be yours.

Right now, I’m a little blocked. But at least I announced my Very Good and Entirely Sincere Intentions of writing them someday.

I feel MUCH better now.


7 thoughts on “blog posts I’ll get around to writing … someday.

  1. The most cogent observation was about filing your expense report in a timely fashion. I have seen egotistical thugs with the sensitivity of a jackhammer reduced to whining blubber when they try to recall how they misspent a company advance three months ago.

  2. They should use the patent-pending Kellypuffs Method for dealing with WAY overdue expense reports … throw my hands in the air in despair, and just pay the AMEX bill myself.

    Yes, I’ve done that.

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