my hero

Drove down to the Cape yesterday in the bananamobile to visit the ‘rents.

It was raining, but not too hard, traffic wasn’t bad, and I was listening to the wonderful Saturday morning lineup on NPR, the highlight of which was the Car Talk boys (“20 years, and still not cancelled.”).

In a lovely bit of irony, I had a bit of car trouble myself, when That Damned Low Tire Pressure Light went on just as I was crossing the Bourne Bridge.

I thought about calling in, but it sounded like the CT boys had a pretty full show already, so I just gritted my teeth, gripped the steering wheel tighter and swore my way across the Cape.

Made it safely to the Colonel’s, where he proved once again that even at eleventy million years old, plagued with a bum knee, he’s STILL my hero.

He rocks.


One thought on “my hero

  1. Dad’s do save the day though. Whether it’s hug because you miss your best friend or telling you jokes while you wait for an x-ray or coming to save you when you’ve broken down.

    My Grandad is also my 2nd hero. My Grandad was self employed (so if he needed to he could bend his work hours when he needed to be some where) I was driving my yellow car to the retail park the other side of town and a car didnt give way when it was supposed to so i bumped up the curb. I pulled over and I had a flat.

    I did my best to try and sort it out myself because I know that Grandad would drop everything and come to save me. I got really annoyed and couldn’t get the nuts off the wheel, so I phoned my Mum – she suggested calling Grandad because she wouldnt be able to help me – so I called him he said he was about half an hour out of Bedford but he’d be there straight away. So i took up residence in the passenger seat of my car and waiting. My Grandad arrived, he changed the tyre and he took the old tyre to the garage to get a new one for me (I don’t like going to the garage cos I always look dopey and like I don’t know what I am on about!)

    Anyhoo after my long comment – Dad’s and Grandads Rock! (So do Mum’s and Grandma’s!)

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