in which we mow*

crabapple blossoms, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

It rained all weekend.

All. weekend.

Until 6pm Sunday evening, when the clouds dissipated and the sun shone through on the waning minutes of the weekend. Nice.

Today, MONDAY, of course, was nice. Sunny and mild. A perfect day for the first mow of the year. We’d put it off as long as we could.

The crabapple by the side fence is blooming, as is the dogwood. Underneath the dogwood, the violets are in full bloom, with the first buds of the lilies-of-the-valley starting to shoot up.

Our long, hard winter appears to have been appreciated by the lilacs, who are starting to show what promises to be a bumper crop of buds.

Lilacs are my favorite, I think.

Noooo….maybe it’s peonies.


Lily of the Valley.


Crabapple blossoms.


*That would be the royal “we”, of course, in which Himself labors behind the mower while I cast a critical eye over the proceedings from a safe distance.


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