the boy says hello

P5080929.JPG, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

It just occurred to me that I haven’t yet shared the exciting news that BOTH the children are coming home this weekend for Mothers’ Day.

I’m so pleased.

The boy arrived this afternoon, with his welding helmet and his lacrosse stick.

The girl arrives tomorrow. The boy and I will pick her up at the airport, after we stop to get my nose pierced.

It promises to be an lovely weekend, with plant sales, the town election, and the Apple Blossom Festival in Harvard, followed by lunch and a pint at O’Hanlons.

And the girl has promised me a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning.

Quite possibly the best Mothers’ Day ever.


2 thoughts on “the boy says hello

  1. Hello!!!!

    Who is the influence to get your nose pierced? I’m 22 and my Mum would still shoot me if I got mine done – if she got hers done i’d be firstly gobsmacked and secondly would then know that getting my nose or eyebrow wouldn’t be so bad!


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