in which I take a walk on the dark side

So, today I finally did something else I’ve always wanted to do …

I got my nose pierced.

For the record, I am NOT a fan of body piercing, as a whole. The boy, in his short life, has had both a barbell through his eyebrow and a labret (lower lip) piercing – neither of which he still sports, thank God. I did not approve nor condone either, but he’s a putative grown-up, and after two full sleeves of tats, who am I to quibble? My brother once had his nipple pierced, for pity’s sake.

Ick, ack and GAG.

I don’t like the look of metal sticking out of various spots on one’s face (or other places).

But I’ve always loved the look of a delicate stone in the side of the nostril. I think it looks feminine and stylish and a little exotic, and always thought that if *I* had one, I too could look feminine, stylish and a little exotic.

So after way too many years of dithering, I gathered my courage and with the boy, drove up to THE “body arts” studio to get it done.

I almost backed out at the last minute.

This is their website.

Browsing through the site (and going to the shop) is a little scary for a bourgeoise like me. They are clearly not catering to middle-aged women having a mid-life crisis who want a tasteful little ear or nose piercing. If so, I would recommend that their website and their shop feature more flowers, and fairies and sparkly things… and a little less death metal, skulls and crossbones.

But the gentleman from Precision Body Arts was very kind and very thorough, and observed all the most stringent hygienic procedures and now I am the proud owner of a tiny crystal stud in the left side of my nostril, which *I* think looks stunning.

I feel more graceful already.

And I didn’t even cry.

You’d think they’d have offered me a sticker for being so good.


5 thoughts on “in which I take a walk on the dark side

  1. Wow . You are one brave cookie. I like the nose stud thing too but would never be brave enough. Clarissa will gain even more respect for you. xxx

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