why is it so COLD here?

… the boy asks, huddled inside his Red Sox sweatshirt.

In his nostalgic longing for Massachusetts, he always always ALWAYS forgets how freaking cold it is up here.

In other news, a road crew has set up across the street, and we are now being serenaded by the sound of a jackhammer. One guy working, seven guys standing around, watching.

“What are they doing?” I ask the boy.

“Jackhammering. DUH.”


6 thoughts on “why is it so COLD here?

  1. Sounds like it should be a joke

    We had a similar one at work last week the printer stopped working and the three guys in the office all went and stood round the printer like they could get it to work by mental power of persuasion – it didn’t work Alison (my aunt and the queen of accounts) got up and pushed through and got it sorted.

  2. Hopefully, we also had a sworn, uniformed officer of the law standing around drawing overtime pay, as required by state law.

  3. Tell The Boy to have faith and patience. Summer usually arrives in New England by late July, and usually lasts a week or so.

  4. In defense of jackhammer drivers, and other road crew workers, a long time ago I spent one long summer and one Christmas break on a road repair and construction crew. I was about 20 – 21 years old and quite fit. My workmates were mostly 20 years older and had been doing this most of their working lives (less six years in the army – WW2). We all worked really hard and were tired at day’s end. The same myth prevailed – we were accused of standing around watching someone do something heavy, especially re the jackhammer, aka pneumatic drill. After you’ve run one of those for an hour, it’s someone elses turn and you’re damn glad of a break.

  5. Your question reminds me of my answer, kellypuffs. The while of all, stay here. Otherwise, you end up in Florida, a good part being near the east coast. The bad part, you end up in a strange loop and can’t get there. To get there, keep running. No way jackhammer will find you , go. I actually like Florida, it has plenty of lizards, your experience may vary.

  6. The ‘rents retired to Florida once, for a couple of years, before coming back.

    I personally LIKE the weather here. I like the way that it always cools down at night as soon as the sun goes down, no matter how hot it got during the day, unlike Philadelphia where the heat and humidity linger all night long.

    It doesn’t have the brutal winters of Central New York (although THIS winter gave Syracuse a run for its money, I think).

    It’s not a dreary and dismal as Seattle.

    There are seldom earthquakes.

    I could do without the bugs, but Florida has worse bugs.

    All in all, I think this is the place. 🙂

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