the colonel is cringing

the colonel is cringing, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

My approach to lawn and garden care could be considered somewhat … lackadaisical.

I subscribe to the “If it’s green, call it a lawn” camp of home landscape maintenance. I like perennials because not only are they pretty, they are low-effort. Plant and forget.

You can see how much effort I put into lawn care.

In stark contrast, the Colonel was having kittens last month in Florida, insane with worry that he wasn’t going to get back home til after the forsythia bloomed, which you MUST know means it’s too late to put down your pre-emergent crabgrass killer.



I quite LIKE my broad-leaved weeds. They have flowers. Pretty purple and yellow flowers. And I particularly love, when they’ve turned into puffballs, blowing the dandelion seeds all over my yard.

As you can probably tell.


5 thoughts on “the colonel is cringing

  1. Apparently you and I have the same approach to yard care. If it can grow back on it’s own, I’ll consider planting it. If it blooms a pretty flower, it stays, no matter who calls it a “weed.” Puh-lease, who decided what was a weed and what wasn’t, anyway???

  2. A horticulturalist friend of mine told me a weed is simply a misplaced plant. Given our method of yard care, there is no such thing! Never placed – never MISplaced!

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