mudroom still-life

mudroom still-life, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Oh, the SHAME.

Visitors to our house often describe it as “cozy” … or “comfortable”. This is because telling us that we live like PIGS would be mean. TRUE, but mean…. and probably a disservice to pigs everywhere.

This is the mudroom, the first sight that greets visitors to my humble abode. And it only gets worse the further into the house you get.

The Colonel made the bench. It’s a lovely bench, which you could see if it weren’t covered with stuff.

The gardening stuff is there in case one of my VERY episodic fits of gardening comes upon me unawares. I am READY, baby.

The antique wooden mallet behind the gardening pail is for clubbing visitors over the head, should they get past the Wonder Dog (sorry, Peter!)

The stack of pictures are on their way to storage, above the barn. They’ve been waiting for WEEKS.

I have absolutely no idea why the colander is here. I do hope I don’t think it BELONGS here….that would just be strange.

The ladybug boots DO belong in the mudroom, but appear to have gotten ideas above their station by situating themselves ON the bench, instead of under it, with their booty brethren. That will have to be corrected.

We need a garage sale in the worst way.

Or a fire.


One thought on “mudroom still-life

  1. I’m in the process of packing to move house and somewhere along the line of putting my laptop on to play loud music or watch/listen to TV I got distracted am now leaning against the sofa and a pack of loo roll (yup random i know!) while reading your blog.

    Thank you for relieving my boredom momentarily I am extremely grateful.

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