all my fault

I admit it.

I got over-confident. I got cocky.

It IS mid-May, after all.

I got suckered in by the spell of balmy weather – the explosions of spring blossoms, bright blue skies, the heady, intoxicating scents of lilacs and new-mown grass.

So, this weekend, I effected the Great Seasonal Wardrobe Switch, relegating sweaters and parkas and fleece jackets and flannel-lined jeans to the attic, and pulling down the shorts, t-shirts, and floaty, gauzy skirts.

Which explains why it was 45 degrees this morning.

I’m sorry.


3 thoughts on “all my fault

  1. I knew there was a good reason why the weather has not warmed up… it was you all along! Although it could’ve been me too, instead of pulling out my warm weather clothes, I bought new ones and have been wearing those instead… I know it’s cheating.

    Or it could be that they officially opened our pool today too… you can blame it on my apartment managers if it makes you feel better.

  2. I’d say!
    It’s raining in Arizona.. and it’s supposed to not be raining this time of year.
    It’s supposed to be 110 degrees!!!
    It’s 73 but cold to me after it was 109 yesterday!!!
    You can also blame it on me. I planned a pool gathering this weekend.

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