not grokking the carbon thing

So… contrary to the evidence piled up during the past couple of months, I don’t do a lot of travelling. I’m a homebody, my job doesn’t require a lot of travel, and even if I’d like to travel somewhere on business, it’s likely that travel restrictions would put the kybosh on that idea real quick.

So I don’t get a lot of use out of Dopplr. I just went back, to ensure my upcoming RSDC trip was recorded, and discovered that they now have a feature where I can calculate “my carbon”.

I don’t get it.

But now I’m feeling really bad about the two lousy business trips I’ve taken this year.

But I’m also wondering why Dopplr says they envy me on those months that I didn’t travel. Do they REALLY? If I never traveled, I’d have no need for Dopplr, would I?

I also want to know if I start walking NOW, will I get to Orlando by May 31?


2 thoughts on “not grokking the carbon thing

  1. Working from home, I can actually say I have severely reduced my carbon footprint. The last time I filled up with gas was a few weeks back for a 200mile leisure ride. Prior to that, I hadn’t filled up since December! Next thing you know I’ll be eating granola and showering with essential oils šŸ˜‰

  2. Ok, yeah, I get that.

    I can understand reducing my carbon footprint in USEFUL ways … biking instead of driving to work, walking your errands, etc.

    However, knowing the carbon footprint for trips that I CAN’T avoid doesn’t serve any purpose, other than make me feel guilty, which we ALL know I’m already very good at. šŸ™‚

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