just popping in to say hi

I didn’t write a blog post at all for yesterday.

I was all ready to feel bad about it, but my blog stats have tanked over the last couple of days, so I doubt anyone has noticed. Hopefully, everyone’s off enjoying some of this lovely weather we’ve been having and planning their Memorial Day weekend hi-jinks. Or perhaps they are hi-jinxing already.

Meanwhile, over HERE, I’m starting to panic. Tomorrow morning, our annual small-town Memorial Day parade will wend its way past our lovely house, and while the marchers, Cub Scouts, policemen and veterans are sure to note appreciatively our wonderful new paint job on the house, I am very much afraid they are going to be appalled at the state of our lawn, which needs ANOTHER mow, and probably will be wondering where the hell our festive bunting is.

Which means I should step away from this damned computer and DO something.

Talk amongst yourselves … be back in a bit.


One thought on “just popping in to say hi

  1. I originally read this on Google Reader, which made me wonder if that type of thing shows up on blog stats, which I decided it probably doesn’t, which now has me a little bummed.

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