RSDC update

Ah, yes. Orlando in June.

People who don’t KNOW any better are either 1) congratulating me on my upcoming week of sun and fun or b) bemoaning the fact that it will be so hot in Florida.

Fear not. I will be inside the Swan and Dolphin complex for the duration, where it will be a chilly 55 degrees. The only sun I got last year was at the welcome reception, which for a few blessed moments before the heavens opened, was held pool-side.

Yet, even though it is decidedly NOT a vacation, I am SO looking forward to RSDC08.

– Looking forward to hanging with Ferdy, Mike, Bill, Pat, Rich, Bruce, Dale and a host of other good peeps.

– Looking forward to lots of excitement, good conversation and good energy.

– Wondering how to make 1 Rational shirt last all week.

– Hoping to stockpile some extra hours of sleep this week, in anticipation of the deficit next week.

And did I mention William Shatner?!?


4 thoughts on “RSDC update

  1. Kelly, let me know where the Twitter meetups will be… I won’t be in until Sunday, and expect most of my early evenings (particularly during the exec track) will be busy… but I’d like to meet some of you folks I only communicate with on blogs/twitter. πŸ™‚

  2. Definitely! I’ll be live-blogging and twittering the conference so I’ll be broadcasting the location of any meetup, impromptu or otherwise πŸ™‚

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