now playing…

The “Oh My God I’m going to forget something crucial and life as we know it will cease to exist!” panic attack.

And you can play too!

It involves me fluttering from room to room while you shout out suggestions of things I should make sure I’ve packed.

(BTW, I’ve already checked, and Bodie is NOT welcome at the Swan and Dolphin, so cross that one off the list.)

Ready, set, GO!


9 thoughts on “now playing…

  1. Deodorant! Fully stocked gigantic pill case! Snacks for the plane! (Am I the only one who gets ravenous on a plane?) Um… sparkly shoes! Horror of horrors: a swimsuit??

  2. I can’t find the book I specifically bought for this trip! I’ve searched everywhere and had no luck. Now I’ve got to leave the house in about an hour, with all my focus on the book I’ve probably forgotten to pack something important like my brain :S

  3. OK … here’s the crisis. The sparkly shoes have gone walkabout. I have a couple of hours to turn the house upside down before I settle for PLAIN black shoes.

    Oh, the humanity!!!!

  4. Immodium and/or pepto. Not to be gross, but for an old timer, travel, even to Disneyland, is not nearly as much fun as it should be. It is nice to see colleagues in person… have fun. 😉

  5. Well, as forgotten items go, that’s not too bad. I forgot diapers in our carry-on on our way to Hawaii (yes, we took 3 kids to Hawaii – long story), and had the opportunity to buy a pack in the Las Vegas airport for a hefty price! I kept chanting in my head to our 9-month-old prior to getting to Las Vegas, “Please don’t poop, please don’t poop…”

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