packing up

Packing up for the trip to RSDC tomorrow. Since when did travelling become so … complicated?

I think I complained about this the LAST time I went someplace, didn’t I?

I’ve got one suitcase, filled with the all of the necessities of life for a week away.

I’ve got one gallon-sized plastic baggie full of cables and cords … for the computer, the cell phone, the camera, the bluetooth, and who knows what else….

I’ve got another plastic baggie full of all the stuff I have to NOT have on me going through airport security: bracelets, my watch, my necklace…

I’ve got the computer bag, with the laptop, my current book (Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age), my moleskine sketch pad, my day planner, eGuides, moo cards and other work flotsam. I really really REALLY want to bring BOTH computers – the work one and the Mac – but it’ll just be too damned heavy, so I’m reluctantly leaving the macbook behind.


I’ve got the camera bag.

I’m charging the iPod, and it’s full of music, audiobooks, podcasts, and even a movie… in case I get bored.

Yeah, right.

I’ve got my thumb drive and my badge. Do I need my badge? I don’t even know.

RSDC, here I come! 🙂


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