RSDC, Day 1

So much to absorb, so little time!

It’s been an awesome 24 hours, and I don’t think I can do justice to it here.

Now remember, I don’t get to travel much, so there are LOOOONG stretches of time that I don’t see far-flung colleagues. So for me, the first 24 hours of RSDC is all about connecting and re-connecting… with a bunch of great people. Each time I see another familiar face, I get more and more energized.

I saw Mats! I haven’t worked directly with Mats since the old days – when we worked together on the VB Addin team for Rose. I remember those trips to Kista every few monhs, where I met his entire family.

I saw Owen and Steve from Telelogic. Wonderful new friends from our latest acquisitions, who are already fitting in nicely in our quirky little work.

Met some of my support colleagues from EMEA (Europe) and AP(Asia Pacific) … Otto Klaren, Dagmar, Alison, Kim and many many more.

Colleagues from former job roles, and different projects that seem to ebb and tide.

It’s times like this that i think that Rational is really not that big after all … the power brokers are easily identified.

The Jazz kids are here, en masse, Bill Higgins, PeterPatrickMueller, as I have insisted on renaming him – I hope that some day, some way, he will find it in his heart to forgive me. The whole crowd is here.

And I finally met @Ferdy!!! Finally! Years after discovering each other on the blogosphere, we finally meet face to face. And it is AWESOME! As Sacha noted at the web 2.0 summit, when you finally meet people with whom you’ve had a vibrant online experience, there are no awkward silences and small talk … you can immediately jump into the meat of a conversation with a good friend.

I collared Frenchy when he was trying to check in this evening and diverted his attention to a handy Newcastle Brown Ale.

I saw TQ, Queen of RSDC, but have unfortunately been unable to secure a good picture of The Hat, and accessories, so she still owes me a photo shoot.

Rumor has it that @cote and @sogrady are in town, but no word on @monkchips.

And I’ve not been blessed yet with a meeting with @mikemacd, but the conference is young still.

Still, for me, the highlight of the day can be shown in this picture:

Oooh. Lights! Sparkly!


4 thoughts on “RSDC, Day 1

  1. I was supposed to be coming. Then another part of IBM scheduled a paid gig for this week, so I couldn’t come. then another gig with IBM came up. then IBM cancelled both of them- boo.

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