rsdc – a little downtime

I’ve revealed my essential lameness tonight by opting for a quiet night in my hotel room with my book in lieu of additional networking opportunities.

I think the problem is the sudden transition from total homebody to networking goddess without adequate preparation and training.

I should have started WEEKS ago. Baby steps at first – perhaps a short trip to the next town over for dinner out…. maybe a Friday happy hour outing with colleagues. THEN progressively work my way up. Go out to a movie. Perhaps, an evening out that ends later than 9pm.

But no. I threw myself into the fray unprepared, and proved myself to be worthless and weak in the face of so much excitement, energy, and activity. I’m tired, headachy, and the turbo A/C has given me a runny nose. AND I’m whiny, in case you can’t tell.

So good night, all. I have to get my beauty sleep for William Shatner. đŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “rsdc – a little downtime

  1. After three heavy nights in a row I’m off for an early night tonight too! Gotta speak tomorrow so need to be awake and not hung over đŸ™‚

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