piecebook, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

I first learned about this book on notcot.

From amazon:

Before it hits the wall, graffiti is often painstakingly planned out in a sketchbook or piece book. Well-worn and dog-eared, these books are passed along from artist to artist as a way of sharing ideas and offering instruction. Here hundreds of drawings, most of them never before published, are reproduced on uncoated paper to resemble the pages of an authentic piecebook.

I knew I had to get this book for the Boy, who has spent his entire life drawing images like these on book covers, notebook paper and even the occasional wall.

It arrived from amazon today, and leafing through it, now I’m thinking I want to keep it for myself.

Gorgeous stuff.



3 thoughts on “piecebook

  1. I also hold a soft spot for well done graffiti. Especially political graffiti of Northern Ireland… in either case this books looks outstanding!

  2. Some graffiti I’ve seen has been really clever and very well executed. On this general theme, are you familiar with the great Alec Guiness movie, “The Horse’s Mouth”? It’s 50 years old now, but ageless – and hilarious.

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