various bits of goodness

I can only think in bullet points this morning, so here you go:

  • The Celtics won the NBA finals last night.
  • I PERSONALLY couldn’t care less, but the Boy does, and the Celtics winning means that the Boy’s head didn’t explode. And THAT’s a good thing.
  • I went back to rehearsal for the Atlantic Wind Symphony for the first time in a couple of years…. and it was awesome!
  • So the flute is no longer languishing in a dusty corner… also a good thing.
  • In the middle of a great 2-day mid-year meeting with my KM peeps, which will culminate in ice cream and mini-golf this afternoon. Maybe this time someone will beat Carl at minigolf.
  • I didn’t spill my Dunkin Donuts lahge regular coffee in the car this morning, like I did yesterday.
  • I registered for next wednesday’s Boston KM Forum Symposium on Tagging at Bentley College. Looking forward to hanging with fellow Boston-area KMers like @jackvinson , and @dougcornelius.

2 thoughts on “various bits of goodness

  1. Go you with the fluteness!!!

    I used to play the flute – I occasionally pick it up and play but mine is currently packed in a box I think.

    I need to get some decent music (I have a book of Disney songs but I can play them lol.

    When I first started playing I dreamt of being able to play The Bumblebee (I think I was actually nuts! was – that should be am)

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