millionaire or artist?

One of my favorites from Hugh MacLeod.


3 thoughts on “millionaire or artist?

  1. Could just open a conversation, and that makes you an artist, and then maybe someone could say you are a millionaire and then maybe get bored by the process and find a way to tell the story about how your grandmother served liver every night even before there was a scare about iron poisoning and then you could claim to know about the alt.delete scheme by comcast and then. Of course, you could just find a way to obfuscate it all, and steer a generation away from the high numbers created recently by george, why cant you ever keepone subject, you baby booming fore river serene huh?

    KP, the best from Quincy where I have definitely the ability to free associate.

  2. Absolutely too much of everything, be it caffeine or nicotine or Smirnoff to wind down – add that to a lifetime of headbanging with everything from Captain Beefheart to the Kills – not to mention the evening commute and a replay of the Celtics rolling rally.

    My favorite millionaire artist is Steve Jobs, the only artist millionaires I like are musicians and then it seems they get bad after the millions. Maybe Neil Young, and possibly Bono. Thanks again, KP for the conversation firing cartoon.

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