We don’t like to leave the house. It’s a happy house, and there’s really no reason to leave, except to occasionally pick up the necessities of life.

For most people, that means food. For us, it usually means gin. Or food for the animals.

But this weekend, we were forced to leave the house to buy something MUCH more critical … another lint brush, to replace ours, which has gone walkabout.

When you have the Wonder Dog and 3 cats, and no lint brush, life gets really ugly REALLY quickly.

Trust me on this one.


One thought on “necessities

  1. My sympathies are boundless. Frodo sheds about 1 Kg per hour. The hairs have the irritating ability to interweave with car seat upholstery so that they are almost impossible to remove. I never wanted leather seats in a car – until Frodo signed on as bobardier Peter R

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