Oh, joy. Another gym bag.

Oh Joy. Another Gym bag., originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

IBM has a pretty nifty system whereby employees can give out Thanks Awards to peers and colleagues, which, while providing a lovely bit of recognition of the atta-boy, also allows the honoree the right to pick one of any number of IBM-brand items – clothes, bags, desk stuff, car stuff – from a wonderful assortment pf prizes in an on-line catalog.

I recently received an award for something good I did, which I don’t remember anymore, and then promptly forgot to pick out my prize.

In such cases, after reminding you ABOUT A HUNDRED TIMES, the awards people finally give up and just send out a random prize, since I obviously cared deeply about this precious gift.

And it arrived today. Yay!

It could have been a car flashlght/tire pump combo. That would have been useful. I could have gotten any number of other cool things. ALL I had to do was go to the site before the deadline and pick a cool prize.

Like THAT will ever happen. EVER.

Imagine my joy when i opened the package,and discovered it was : ANOTHER GYM BAG, chosen for me by the fine prize folks.

Now I need to find the other half dozen (yes, this is a pattern). Because you never know when, for the first time in my LIFE, a sudden, inexplicable urge to exercise will come upon me, and I’ll have to have a gym bag.

Or five.


7 thoughts on “Oh, joy. Another gym bag.

  1. That’s why I’ve taken to calling then “Gee, Thanks” awards. 🙂 Run out of good things to choose, myself. 🙂

  2. This sounds like excellent source material for a case study on ineffective rewards and recognition programs.

    Not that the’s generally hard to come by.


  3. Actually personally I DO appreciate the NOMINATIONS. But the last one I chose – really quite recently – was a 1GB thumb drive. I mean c’mon 4GB would’ve been MUCH more like it. In this day and age.

  4. You were luck Martin- someone I know got a 256MB drive about the day before they went up to 1GB!!

    I think I must be being less helpfull this year or something: missed out on some last year after maxing out too early but none so far this year!

  5. I forgot last time too, which was especially painful because:

    – I had two Thanks! awards the same week.

    – There were two Thanks! gifts I actually did want.

    – I forgot to sign up for both of them. Even after two hundred reminders.

    Sigh. But it is a fairly good program overall, and it’s definitely worth sending them for the recognition angle (i.e. your manager gets a nice email, and it goes in your permanent record, and it’s engraved on a stone tablet… oh, wait, no), even if not from the “stuff” angle.

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