my macbook goes steampunk

…thanks to my new steampunk GelaSkin.

Yes, I know – it’s SO totally cheating.

I should be etching and constructing and building and modding.

However, I’m not that good.

I’m not .Jake von Slatt!

But I do appreciate the artistry of Colin Thompson, who did this gelaskin.

Maybe steampunk’s not your gig. Be sure to check out the other fine artists’ work available as Gelaskins for your laptop or cell phone … including classic masters like Escher, van Gogh, and Monet, and contemporary artists like the fabulous Audrey Kawasaki and Jamie Zollars.

Nifty stuff.


6 thoughts on “my macbook goes steampunk

  1. The image is flat, but the material it’s printed on has the slightest waffle texture to it, probably to reduce slipperiness.

    A little sad that my lighted Apple logo is covered.

  2. Shirley one could cut out the bit that would cover up the logo. Or make one’s own from a plain one – with the hole cut out.

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