IBM & Littleton have talkame time

While I was doing my hard hat photo-journalist thing at IBM’s future Littleton site last week, IBM reps were meeting with Littleton’s selectmen to discuss the impact of having IBM’s consolidated campus in my little burg and to talk about a wish list of improvements IBM would like to see.

Top of the list is a partnership with an accredited day-care facility.

Shuttle service from IBM’s facility to the commuter rail station in town is another top item. Yay! Selectmen suggested a scenario wherein shuttle buses would go between IBM and the station, with townspeople AND IBMers able to access parking/shuttle services at the IBM plant.

THAT would be nifty.

One quote that worries me:

In addition, the company would like to see more high-end restaurants, hotels, and other amenities located in the vicinity of the King Street building, such as places to get haircuts, to see doctors and dentists, and to run other errands at lunch.

People, I LIVE here. There ARE restaurants, haircut places, doctors and dentists, a post office, banks, dry cleaners, and shops here ALREADY. ALL WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE.

If none of those choices please you, you can get in your car and take a 5-10 minute drive in almost any direction for almost unlimited choices.

I quite like the small-village feel of my town, and would HATE to see it turn into another characterless suburb, filled with strip malls. I’m already a little teed off about the new sprawling Acton Toyota place springing up across from Donelans.

However, that’s just me.

The full text of the newspaper article about the meeting is here. Enjoy.

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