neither of these glasses, please

neither of these glasses, please, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

It’s summer.

Hot, lazy days, gallons of iced tea.

We used to be empty-nesters. But ALL the children have come home to roost for the summer. All six billion of them.

Or so it seems.

As quick as the groceries come INTO the house, they disappear.

Suddenly, we can’t keep milk in the house.

We’ve started buying really stoopid kinds of “old people” snacks – ginger snaps, Stella Doras and Fig Newtons – in the vain hope that the locusts won’t devour them.

AndandAND, to add insult to injury, they’ve been using our Very Special Gin & Tonic glasses, THE exact right size ones, wherein fit EXACTLY 12 ice cubes per glass.

I am willing to adapt, even use the other ones.

Himself, apparently, is not.

3 thoughts on “neither of these glasses, please

  1. That’s hilarious! Sounds like something I would do to my roommate! Have fun with the kids being home!

  2. The trick is to skip the T part, use only Hendrick’s Gin which you keep in the freezer, so the drink itself is ice cold, and sip it in small glasses. That way you won’t have to worry when your favorite glassware is contaminated by milk and cookie crumbles…

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