hotter than blue blazes

I have been known, in much kinder temperatures, to wax rhapsodically and self-righteously about the virtues of living without central air conditioning.

Of being more in-tune with the natural rhythms of the earth, blah, blah, blah.

However, several sleepless nights into the dog days of summer, I’m now singing a different tune. It’s entitled:

“Oh, How Happy I Am To Go Into the Office, Where I Can Shiver in Air-Conditioned Comfort!”


One thought on “hotter than blue blazes

  1. Is it only in Australia, that McDonalds is always cold inside? Even in winter it’s as though they’ve always got the air conditioner on, and in summer it’s not uncommon to see someone carrying a jacket in! It’s like those Ice Bars!!!! Well, okay maybe not quite that bad, but similar.

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