about me being lazy and you being an enabler

I don’t know how to use my blackberry.

There. I said it.

I do the bare minimum with it – email, phone, text, pictures, the occasional web surfing.

I don’t have enterprise activation, I’m not sync’d to my work email, I haven’t downloaded any cool apps.

I haven’t set up smart dialing, voice dialing, or anything else.

Hell, I haven’t even downloaded a RING TONE.

In my defense, I DID manage to figure out how to turn it into a Large Print Edition Blackberry AND Himself reminds me that I made it a FINE Shower Alarm (it never goes off unless I’m in the shower).

But I’m pretty tyro.

So, I come to you, in all my ignorance, FAR too lazy to look it up on the interwebs myself, knowing nothing save one thing: that you guys know EVERYTHING, and I bet you can help me fix these two things:

1) my crackberry camera doesn’t zoom anymore. I read the help and neither of the methods they outline for zooming (volume up/down, or trackball up/down) work anymore. The Boy was convinced that it was because it was out of memory, so I deleted all the pictures on it. Didn’t help.

b) my call log doesn’t show me past calls anymore … it comes up with an input screen where it wants me to type in a name/number.


Actually, I don’t really much care “why” … I just want to know how I can get it back to where it was, when I could zoom and see my call log.

Anyone? Bueller?

And yes, I realize that in the time I took to write this post, I could have looked it up myself. But what fun would THAT be? I’d MUCH rather talk to you guys.

9 thoughts on “about me being lazy and you being an enabler

  1. I’m almost sure it is digital and not optical so I think that is the resolution to this problem (no pun intended!)

  2. Duh – I looked it up – took less than a dozen key strokes and the most obvious thing EVER! – Shut it down – take out the battery and voila – it works again!

  3. Taking out the battery is the equivalent of Ctrl-Alt-Delete on these things, bizarrely. I had the same experience where my camera stopped zooming – a “hard reset” fixed it as described here.

    +1 for the iPhone vote, but I suspect the camera on the BB is probably better 😦

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