From wewanttap.com, an interesting concept that encourages us to look at our views on branding, perceived luxury, and most importantly, bottled water:

America’s top selling water brand is Fiji water. Each 1litre bottle travels around 8,700km to reach the table and requires 81g of fossil fuels to get it there. (Meanwhile in Fiji, fully one-third of the population doesn’t have access to safe clean drinking water.)

Go to wewanttap.com and wander around … it’s a nifty site with awesome design and thought-provoking content. And join the facebook group, if you are so inclined. I did. 🙂

(again, via notcot, which is becoming one of my absolute favorite websites.)

3 thoughts on “wewanttap.com

  1. I drink nothing if not locally. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts needs to get the fizzy water restriction straight and allow all bottles or none to be deposit worthy. If anything, find a better way to define life than stopping at Dunkin’ Styro every morning. Kelly, I am dumbfounded to explain the smartest and brightest among us would do any thing other than drink tap water. I’m dumber than modern technology can see and I drink tap.

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