happiness is…

happiness is…, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

…a new pile of books from the library.


I can’t just leave it at that. Happiness is a whole LOT of things, not just a pile of awesome library books waiting to be cracked. Happiness is also:

  1. Season 5 of Project Runway starting tonight!
  2. a Fail Whale T-shirt, when you weren’t expecting ANYTHING.
  3. Bodie, eating the first ice cream of his life. Peanut butter/banana. He was in HEAVEN. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before … he’s so miserable in this 90+ degree heat. Ice cream was invented to give mankind a reason to not die in the summer. Dogs too, I think.
  4. Riding in an open-top car.
  5. Rollercoasters.
  6. Band practice. Concerts. Making music.
  7. Hot, strong tea with shortbread cookies.
  8. Having the Boy home.
  9. Sparkly shoes.
  10. Sparkly THINGS.
  11. Sleeping under a handmade quilt.
  12. Waking up with all three cats on the bed.
  13. Tomato sandwiches.
  14. The seashore.

8 thoughts on “happiness is…

  1. Check out Erickson’s ice cream in Maynard. If you bring your dog along, they get a free ice cream with a biscuit on top. One of the fun things about going besides all the great people watching is seeing dogs arrive for the *second* time. And the ice cream is *really* good — made on site, even. YUMMMM.

  2. UNhappiness is taking a nap to be able to stay up late enough to watch that Project Runway New Season opener and them changing the start time ahead one hour from the other three previous seasons, so that one wakes up NOT a half hour early but a half hour into that very episode. BOO! Had to turn it off to wait for a repeat so it can be watched in its linear entirety…

  3. I didn’t know about the doggie ice cream at Erickson’s – but will vouch for the ice cream. It’s right up there with Kimball’s πŸ™‚

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