as seen on TV

as seen on TV, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

I give you… the AquaGlobe.


8 thoughts on “as seen on TV

  1. I admit I have been curious about the quality of these. The idea is sound, but I was sure if the actual product would be up to snuff. So
    … What’s your review on them now that you own one?

  2. Well, upon unboxing my pair of AquaGlobes, I was pleasantly surprised by their heft … they should be sturdy enough.

    I then filled them with water, and picked my victims … an ivy on the front porch that I’ve neglected almost to the point of death, and a brand new ivy in the peak of health that I haven’t had a chance to kill yet.

    I’ll let you know how it works. 🙂

  3. Two thumbs up on the Aqua-Globe. It’s glass, it’s pretty AND best of all, it appears to WORK! Buy one. Buy twenty. I’M going to.

    Oh, the terminal ivy on the front porch was too far gone to be saved by a bit of too-little-too-late nursing. RIP.

  4. We’ve had mixed results now too. 😦

    The last 4 we got online had extremely narrow stems, almost TOO narrow, I think, to effectively water the plants. Now I’m not buying anymore unless I can SEE them first.

  5. I got two Aqua Globes from my Daughter for my birthday this year, THEY ARE GREAT!! I’m gonna go get some more! my plants never looked beter. The people they don’t work for must not be using them right.
    Thanks, Sharon

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