bad dog

Swedish Fish!, originally uploaded by luvmonkey.

The dog just ate a 30-oz bag of Swedish fish.

Considerably more than are illustrated here by the lovely photo from flickr user luvmonkey, found among flickr’s Creative Common-licensed treasures.

Worse, they were Himself’s Very Special Birthday Swedish fish.

I’m afraid to tell him.


2 thoughts on “bad dog

  1. Your dog is lucky they weren’t chocolates.

    Here’s two reasons to be careful about leaving sweets where dogs can get at them.

    1) Sugary foods can give dogs excema.
    2) Chocolate is very poisonous for dogs.

  2. My big dogs hate chewy candy but I recently got a puppy and while eating a Swedish Fish, she couldn’t keep her concentration off me. So I gave her one. She loves them. Now when I eat them, she gives me sad eyes and pouty lip for them. I can’t believe it. The big dogs still hate them. I’ll give her a command though and give her one as a treat. But then I tried to give her an actual dog treat after I put the fish away and she promptly spit out the dog treat. Spoiled.

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